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Restitution and dialogue at Ájtte museum

Restitution and dialogue at Ájtte museum, 17 June 2015

After 8 years of research in collaboration with reindeer herding communities of Jokkmokk, a restitution and dialogue seminar was organised to inform reindeer herders of the results and advances made in our research. This was also a time for dialogue and questions about the use of research projects for the herders and possible applications to their activities.

Content of the conference:

- The results of the reindeer lichen restoration project started in 2006 and the applications in collaboration with the national Swedish forest company, Sveaskog.
- The results of the projects on land use and indigenous mapping.
- The preliminary results of the work aiming at quantifying the effects of thaw-freezing on reindeer winter pasture based on indigenous knowledge and remote sensing data.

The conference was followed by a cold buffet in friendly atmosphere.

Authors: M. Roué, S. Roturier