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Day trip about reindeer lichen restoration

Day trip about reindeer lichen restoration, Harads, Sweden, 3 September 2015

On September 3rd, 2015, 50 reindeer herders and forest managers were invited to a day trip organized by Hans Winsa (Sveaskog), Urban Bergsten (SLU) and Samuel Roturier (AgroParisTech-ESE). The program included the visit of three field-experiments dealing with the restoration of reindeer lichen pastures in combination with prescribed burning. This research program was initiated in the 2000’s by Sveaskog and SLU and involves Sami herders from Sirges community to the research projects developed in the area of Jokkmokk.

Additional pictures:

Figure caption: Hans Winsa, Arto Hiltunen from Sveaskog (Swedish Forest Company), Lars-Evert Nutti (Sirges Herding Community), Samuel Roturier (AgroParisTech – ESE) and Urban Bergsten (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) have been working together on reindeer lichen restoration since 10 years. (Source: Sarah Cogos)

Personal from a forest company and a reindeer herder looking closely at the lichen dispersed within the experimental plot (Source: Sarah Cogos)

Lichen fragments have been dispersed in 2008. After 7 years a substantial part of the fragments have established on the burnt surface and have begun to form a new lichen mat. (Source: Samuel Roturier)