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Winter Expedition 2015 (©A. Lavrillier, S. Gabyshev): Observation working process by and with reindeer herders - measures and analysis of the depth and quality of the different snows (according to the Evenk “physics of the snow”): snow qualities and transformations during the 7-8 months of the snow period (according to indigenous and anthropological cognitions).  Transport of the team performed by reindeer sledge or snowmobile.


Transdisciplinary analysis of data

   © S. Gabyshev & Lavrillier  © M. Rojo


Climate change in Siberia, alongside other similar environments - high unpredictability. For example during the Winter of 2015 low temperatures of <- 50°C were followed by an abrupt warming, which weakened the ice on rivers making them susceptible to breaking under the reindeer sledges. The different types of snow ( as per the Evenk typology) change form one seasonal state to another in a different pattern to that of the past - which creates new chalenges for the mobility of the nomads.


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 © A. Lavrillier    


Summer of 2015 brought together extreme events including abnormal warming; large populations of particular insect species; dryness and the drying up of rivers and flora and fauna; and forest fires, often in close proximity to villages and towns.


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© S. Gabyshev © L. Abramova


During the Summer of 2015, due to an abnormal increase in the wolf population during the preceding winter, reindeer herders needed to keep the herds close to villages and towns, which means having them close to industrial mining zones which threaten the reindeer's health.


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© A. Lavrillier