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Building indigenous knowledge into climate change assessments

22, 24 September 2014, New York, US

Youba Sokona (IPCC Co-chair), Aleqa Hammond (Premier of Greenland) and Flavia Schlegel (Assistant Director-General, UNESCO) at the WCIP Side Event.
Photo by Doug Nakashima, 2014.

Building indigenous knowledge into climate change assessments:
Side Event at the WCIP (22 Sept), Round Table (24 Sept)


Indigenous knowledge and its contributions to the climate change knowledge base are attracting increasing attention world-wide. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, in its Fifth Assessment Report, concluded that these knowledge systems, “including indigenous peoples’ holistic views of community and environment, are a major resource for adapting to climate change”. Local observations and knowledge of weather and climate variability also provide important insights into climate change impacts. However, they “have not been used consistently in existing adaptation efforts”. The roundtable will bring together experts working on climate change and indigenous knowledge to discuss update on the status of indigenous knowledge as it is reflected within major climate change assessments and research initiatives, provide updates on major indigenous initiatives on climate change, and provide recommendations on

● How assessments on climate change can take into account indigenous knowledge

● How adaptation initiatives on the ground can appropriately incorporate indigenous knowledge